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"Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each." Plato

I've been to-ing and fro-ing between home, work and mum's for the last few days and trying to Christmas shop in-between. We posted Harry's present yesterday, just catching the last posting day for parcels. Mum is much better, she had a visit from a physiotherapist who helped her shower and change her clothes and being the uber-organised person she is got comfy with the phone on one side and pen and paper on the other and booked meals-on-wheels for herself. My eldest sister has come up from Northamptonshire this weekend to visit her and swap pressies.

When I got in from work yesterday John had a message for me. My mum had slipped on some wet leaves, fallen and broken her arm. Its in the same place as one of my customers broke hers last winter, so I know what to expect at least. Its at the top of her left arm so can only rest in a sling - no pot. We will visit her tomorrow and see what we can do to help. I am one of five, four of whom live locally so she isn't short of lifts in cars and people to do shopping. I have spoken to her on the phone and she sounds okay but I am still worried. This is my invincible, strong mother who has suddenly become frail and old overnight.

Yesterday was tree putting up day. The paintwork looks so much better.

I've ordered some sequins, we are running low on crafty its and bits. Stars and snowflakes to make Christmas cards and tree decorations. Sunday's Observer had a free Christmas crafts supplement with extracts from Big Book of Christmas Things to Make and Do Collection.

Yesterday John got out the gloss and emulsion and smartened up the bay window before we put up the Christmas tree. Now the paintwork in the rest of the room looks scruffy...and the other rooms....and....

We have been watching BBC 2's Earth: The Power of the Planet tonight's episode featuring glaciers. After watching the programme almost to the end Robert declared "it wasn't as good as the last one because they didn't set fire to the ice."

Bedtime and as usual Robert's mind is racing. "I know how electricity works, mummy" he sits bolt upright, wide-eyed and takes a deep breath which always precedes an explanation. "Plugs have metal pins and they have wires that attach to them. The thing you put the plug into has metal inside it and metal conducts electricity. That also has wires in it going to the metal."

I then said he was quite right and that was a circuit. He then continued with a brief synopsis of how electricity flows (current) and potential difference (voltage.)

All that from a set of magnets.

A birthday treat for Robert - a trip to the Natural History Museum in London.

Time flies when your having fun.

Robert ran into the museum, took one look at the dinosaur in the lobby and said "that's a Diplodocus" and went to the map. Pointing at the red zone he informed us he wanted to see volcanos in the red zone on the second floor. He meticulously worked his way through the zone studying rocks and how magma is released from the earth's core.

After a picnic lunch he said he needed to visit the Science Museum again, they have a better shop.

We had some spare time before our train home to ride the underground, stopping off at Covent Garden we walked to Leicester Square. Then back to St. Pancras to see the Eurostar.

Lisa suprised us with a visit this week, Harry is 1 now and a big lad!

Uncle Robert enjoyed seeing his little nephew. He kept us all on our toes, its suprising how things change as kids grow older, so many little bits and bobs from Robert's games had to be removed from the floor before we could let Harry run about.

Here's the birthday boy blowing out 6 candles on his favourite Malteser Cake. The recipe comes from Nigella Lawson's excellent book Feast

Robert had Geomag for his birthday and some money. Which he used to buy more Geomag.

We looked on the internet for some Geomag ideas and found Geomag Constructions

Robert said "this man is Geomag bonkers!"

Now we are going Geomag bonkers.

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