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"Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each." Plato

Robert's bird, made in Photoimpact.

We poured some milk onto a side-plate and dropped in three different food colourings (red, yellow and blue). A small drop of washing up liquid was drizzled onto a cotton bud. The bud was dipped into the milk in the centre of the plate. We observed the colour swirls as the proteins and fat broke down.

The flowers turned out really well. Yellow coloured the petals quickest but red gave us the most dramatic veining.

Robert and I did some baking today, made anzac biscuits, flapjacks and choc chip muffins. I have struggled through the day a bit after I fell in the bathroom yesterday. I have a bruise the size of a dinner plate on my hip, cuts on my arm and foot and my ribs are sore. I'm still debating whether to go to the doctors. My self-pitying side wants x-rays and pills and my logical side knows the response will be the usual prescription for Ibuprofen and a scathing look from the GP that makes me feel like a hypochondriac. I don't know why I fell either, one minute I am stood up, I bend down to pick something up and then down I go. I remember the room spun round once bfore everything went into slow motion. That was fortunate because if I had not sensed the fall I would have knocked myself out on the radiator. Instead I twisted to avoid it thus hurting my ribs. And of course me being me I trotted of to work half an hour later thinking I was OK. It was when I laid down in bed last night everything started to hurt. John cooked dinner tonight and has been helping with a few esssential jobs around the house, other things will have to wait til I'm feeling better. robert kept himself busy making pictures from sticky shapes and glitter and building himself a den.

I've just switched this blog over to the new blogger, so things may or may not be a little bit disorganised for a couple of days while I get everything back in order. Overall I prefer the new blogger, its just a real pain having to re-do the sidebar widgets. I'm off to look for some new blogger hacks now to give it some style lol.

The petals are coloured after 24 hrs...more tomorrow.

Robert got out Carol Vorderman's English Made Easy Ages 5-6 tonight which he's been working through for a while. He was filling in labels on a picture when I suddenly noticed how neat and accurate his writing has become. He no longer hesitates and is almost on the line. His letters are small but still a little squashed together. He has also mastered writing eights.

I know its early but I've never been known for my patience so we've started doing some science projects a little before the actual start of Science Week. The first experiment involves some carnations, three vases filled with water and the addition of three different food colourings. We chose red, blue and yellow. This is the photo for the beginning of the experiment. I asked Robert what he thought might happen to the flowers and he answered in a roundabout way that they will drink the water and change colour according to the water they are in. I will take another photo tomorrow.

After setting up the flower experiment it was art time.

And here's one he made earlier...

Robert and I stayed up on Saturday night watching Charlie and Lola DVDs in the big bed and of course the lunar eclipse. There were plenty of wow's as I explained what was happening to the moon.

Robert is now reading books to me like this one by Phil Cummings, its written in chapters with simple black and white line drawings and more text than the picture books he's used to. He read it fluently, struggling on only three words he was unfamiliar with. I printed some World Book Day reward certificates from the Scholastic website and put them on the wall alongside the many posters we have collected.

Today we played a couple of board games I found while tidying a cupboard, a number game and a very old Jungle Book game.

Robert is very excited because John and I have finally decided the location for this years holiday. We have picked Paignton in Devon, miles of clean sandy beaches with rockpools for exploring, a zoo and live steam! And still only 4.5 hours on the train, roughly the same journey time as Norfolk. Did i mention the cream teas? I can't wait hehe.

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